Science & Robotic Camp 2018 Part 2

Logical Thinking | IQ | Endurance | Courage | Problem Solving


Team Work Games

Campers are required to work in team in order to pass the challenges. Cooperation is more powerful than working alone.

Outdoor Activities

Every activity comes with rewards and punishment. The punishment is funny, open your mind and don't worry about it, enjoy the activities.



Learn how to solve cases with every little bit of hints and findout. Challenge your logical thinking with most appropriate hypothesis on how things happened.


Committees assist in each group for their camp performance, complete your idea, rehearsal, probe preparation in ONLY 2 hours.


WaterGun War

Need some battle with water? Equip your water gun and protect your territory, at the same time conquer others' territories. War! War! Water Gun!

Singing Time

Like to sing? We have prepare camp song and many other songs for you to sing, make friends and enjoy music, lets party, lets sing together!

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Terms and Conditions

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Bring These

  • 1. Drinking water, shower items (pail), sleeping bag, slipper, clothes, torch light, cup, plate, fork and spoon, food and beverage, water gun.

Do Not Bring These

  • 1. Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player, PSP, toys and valuable items.

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