Science & Robotic Camp P2 2020

Logical Thinking | IQ | Endurance | Courage | Problem Solving

Online Registration Offer : 31 / 50

You Should Know These

  • 1. Online Special Price is only applicable for user who has LIKE Cowie Station Tawau facebook page.
    2. Participants are prohibited to bring valuable items, the organizer will not be responsible for and damage or lost of valuable items.
    3. Participant must obey to the Camp’s rules and regulations.
    4. Participant is not allowed to bring mobile phone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player, PSP, toys and valuable items.
    5. Please indicate in Remark if you have any special inquiries.

Bring These

  • 1. Shower items–pail
    2. Clothes, sleeping bag, torch
    3. Slipper, shoes
    4. Drinking water, biscuits, beverage
    5. Cup , plate, fork and spoon
    6. Water gun, Mosquito Repellent

Do Not Bring These

  • 1. Valuable item.
    2. Mobile phone, tablet, PSP, music player, laptop, toys

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