STEAM Innovation Competition Final 2019

Logical Thinking | IQ | Endurance | Courage | Problem Solving

Online Registration Offer : 51 / 50

You Should Know These

  • 1. Please fill in all info marked with *.
    2. Participant is representing own school even registered online.
    3. Please make sure all information is correct.
    4. Online payment please Whatsapp to 016-8312560 for banking info.
    5. Online registration will be closed on 15 Nov 2019.
    6. Participants for Robotic Brick category do not need to bring bricks.
    7. Participants for Robotic Mechanical can bring own bricks for decoration.
    8. Participants for Robotic Arm just needed to complete missions during the competition.

Bring These

  • 1. Games making participants are requested to bring own laptop for competition.
    2. Computers are provided but does not guarantee on performance.
    3. Robotic Mechanical's participants can bring own brick for decoration purpose.

Do Not Bring These

  • 1. Participants are not allowed to bring valuable items.
    2. The organizer does not held any responsibility on any lost belongings.

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